What Your Eye Color Says About Your Personality

Whenever you try to contact any other person then the first thing always happen is eye contact and the eye contact is necessary if you are communicating with someone. Well, every person on the earth has his/her favorite color and we see colors of the world from the eyes as well. Read More

How To Make Someone Feel Guilty – Psychology

A guy asked a girl in a library;

“Do you mind if I sit beside you”? Read More

The Date You Will Meet Your True Soulmate

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and with it thoughts of love, romance, and if you haven’t yet already, finding that special someone! Many single people hope to find their soulmate on February 14th and some of them will meet ‘the one’ on the most romantic day of the year. However, for the majority of us the search continues on. Read More

Jealous Husband

Jealous husband: my wife where are you?

Wife :at home love

Husband: are you sure? Read More

6 Signs You Have Finally Found Your True Soul Mate

We have a certain feeling inside of us that we are completely unable to describe and we only have this certain kind of feeling whenever we are with them specifically.

There aren’t any words that you can say that would give the feeling any justice, it’s just something that you have to feel for yourself. Read More

10+ Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Trying To Contact You

I used to think it was just my imagination playing tricks on me when certain unexplainable things happened around me.

Just the other morning, I was sitting downstairs in the living room when I heard a loud crash somewhere upstairs. I thought my roommate had broken something, but he had not. Read More

Fun Test: The Thing You See First Says A Lot About Your Current Situation

There are a lot of different types of personality tests, some more scientific than others.

While many are very concise, like the Meyers-Briggs personality test, the hallmark of a good online personality test is that it’s fun to take!

One of my favorite types of personality tests are based optical illusions. An optical illusion is an illusion caused by crossed wires in your brain. Read More

What Kind Of Woman Are You According To The Month In Which You Are Born

Ladies born in January are ambitious,conservative and serious.They want to criticize but they don’t want to talk about their feelings,they are closed ladies.Rarely are angry, but when they are not be in their presence.They want intellectual people that share same views of life. Read More

3 Signs You Are In Love

Love can be a very fickle emotion, always doing exactly what it wants to do. Sometimes, when it comes to love, we learn from the most tragic of heartbreaks how to cope with that despair within ourselves. Read More

Choose Your Foot Shape

Are your toes larger or smaller? Which toe is the longest and which is the smallest? Are your feet narrow or wide? All these characteristics can tell a lot about your personality and even predict what can happen in your future. Some studies suggest that the shape of your feet and toes reveals a lot about your personality, so keep reading to find out what your toes say about you. Read More