10 Signs Showing Your Partner No Longer Loves You

You can tell a lot about how your partner feels about you by paying attention to the little things he/she does for you. These details are often hard to recognize; however, they are strong indicators of your love. The details can also show if your relationship will work out or not, so you should never ignore them.

These are 10 signs that show your partner is no longer in love with you.

1.Not showing signs of love or affection

If your partner stopped showing love like he/she used to in the past, and if they are trying to impress someone else but not you, the love is probably over. In case this happens to you, the best thing you can do is focus on yourself.

2.Thinking of someone else

If you notice that your partner’s mind often wanders of he/she stopped having interest in you, you should confront them and ask where your relationship is going.

3.Lack of conversation topics

If you stopped having common topics and you no longer have anything to talk about, you are probably no longer interested in each other and it is best if you both move on.

4.Blaming you for everything

If your partner blames you even for the things you did nothing wrong, the best thing for you is to leave him/her.

5.No longer supporting each other

Your partner starts showing impatience when you are around, he/she is annoyed by your presence and is never satisfied no matter what you do. If this is the case with your partner, end the relationship and search for true happiness.

6.Always having an excuse for not being at home

Your partner’s work may require more devotion and time for business meetings or traveling, however if he/she never manages to find time for you it is probably time to move on.

7.You are not present in your partner’s plans

If your partner makes future plans without even mentioning you in them, you should probably end the relationship because it will never become serious.

8.He/she is disrespectful

When your partner no longer feels love towards you, he/she will forget about the good times you spent together and will only bring up the bad parts of your past. Repairing the relationship in this case is probably worthless so it is better to move on.

9.Your partner does not give any explanations

A person that does not consider you and important part of their life will not feel obliged to give you explanations about anything. You don’t matter to that person so why would you want to be with him/her?

10.He/she makes you hate and hurt yourself

When your partner disrespects you by lying to you, cheating and hurting you, he/she makes you feel bad about yourself or even hate yourself. This type of relationship is only going to become worse, so end it before you lose your true self.

Hopefully this will help you and you now know the signs that your partner no longer loves you. It will help you to make a decision about your relationship.

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