5 Simple At Home Exercises For The Best Body

Life gets very busy for all of us. Most times we do nit have time to work out every single day and to keep our body in the best shape it can be. You probably all know that getting rid of stubborn belly fat is quite difficult and it take a lot of sacrifice to do it. However, there are five exercises which will help you flatten your belly in no time. You just need to make sure that you do the warming up first.

Never Skip Warming Up

  • Spend 45 seconds for each exercise.
  • Repeat the circuit 3 times in the lapse of 15 minutes.
  • Make a 15 sec pause between circuits.
  • Make sure not to exaggerate, instead, adjust the frequency and intensity to what your body can actually stand.
  • If possible, exercise before going to bed, so that the body can rest properly afterwards.



To perform this exercise, you need to be in a plank position, and after that, use your feet to jump sideward and out of the hand area. Next, jump back in a squat position, leave your hands down and repeat the exercise once again.

Russian Kicks

Sit on the floor in a crab position while transferring your entire weight on your palms. After that, brace your apps and kick forward with the legs making sure the buttock is not touching the floor.

Mountain Jumpers

You need to be in a push-up position and then interchangeably jump on each leg trying to get the knee as close to your chest as possible.

Bicycle Crunches

For this exercise, you need to lie down and position the fingertips behind your ears. Place your knees in a position perpendicular to the floor, and then imitate the bicycle pedal motion in a gradual tempo. While you are kicking frontward with one of the legs, make sure your other knee is closer to the elbow, just as it usually happens when riding a bike.

Standard Planks

The best exercise for losing belly fat are planks, all you have to do is to lie on the floor in a push up position, bend your body’s weight on your elbows and straighten your body from toes to head. Hold this position or gradually move on the sides for as much as you can resist.

Hopefully these 5 exercises will help you stay in shape and have the best body that you can have or that you always wanted. Please let us know by dropping us a comment here or on our Facebook page.

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