6 Types Of Friends You Need In Your Life (And Three That You Don’t)

We talk a lot about the toxins in our life. Everything from the creams and soaps we use, to the foods we eat, but when was the last time you thought about the toxic relationships in your life?

Health and wellbeing is much more than simply a good exercise routine and clean diet.

Our emotions have a huge influence on our bodies and the people we choose to surround ourselves with have more power over our physical being than you may think.

Unlike our family, we can choose our friends. Believe it or not, variety is just as important to your friendships as it is to your meals.

Food makes a great analogy for the people in your life. For example, you don’t want to eat food that is going to make you feel worse afterwards do you?

Before I go any further, I want to describe the 3 toxic types of people that you do not want to be friends with:

The Competition
A little bit of competition can be a good thing and help to motivate, but not when it’s for the sole purpose of proving one’s worth. That friend who uses your relationship to promote themselves is not someone worth keeping around.

The User
You need a person you can rely on and the friend that is only contacting you when they need something is not worth your time.

The Child
Friendship is a two way support system but there are those that consider it a therapy session. Stay away from the people that expect you to fix all their problems.

Now that you know who to avoid, here is a list of the 6 people you will want to keep as a close friend for mutual health and happiness:

The Adventurer
You know in cartoons, when they show the devil and angel on a persons shoulder? This friend could be considered the devil, but without any of the ill will. They are always up for anything and encourage you to try new things, even when it scares you. Their enthusiasm is contagious and some of your most memorable moments will be shared with them.

The Cool Kid
We are not talking grade school cool here, but someone that knows about stuff before anyone else. This person takes chances and is not afraid of what others think. They will bring you outside your comfort zone and expand your worldview.

The Outsider
This friend is a lone wolf in your circle. They don’t know your other friends and you don’t know theirs. But you share some of the most intimate moments and have a level of privacy that is comforting. They are easier to open up to because there is less fear they will expose your hopes and dreams to your other friends.

The Truth Teller
A little brutal honesty can go a long way. This person is not afraid to call you out for doing something stupid and vice versa. They have your best interest in mind and are like the angel on your shoulder. Their perspective let’s you be more honest with yourself and others. They will never lie to you just to save your feelings.

The Life-Long Pal
This friend may know you better than you do yourself. You never have to play a part and can always be yourself with them. They will accept you unconditionally and are as close to family as it comes.

The Ideal
This person is inspirational and makes you feel like a better person when you’re with them. You admire them and aspire to be like them without any jealousy or ill will.

Now that you know what types of friends you have, where do you fall on this list of people?

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