7 Women No One Wants To Marry

If you are looking for the perfect partner to marry, you need to be aware of the things you might be doing wrong and find a way to change them.  These are several types of women that no man would like to have for a lifetime partner:

Jealous Woman

She is always distrustful and leery, and although she might have been hurt in the past, this is not an excuse to behave like this in every relationship. In most of the cases, men tend to break up with excessively jealous women as nobody likes to be doubted all the time.

Bossy Woman

In the beginning, men could find this trait cute, because they love ambitious women who know what they want, but after a while, they will realize that this is not so good because they will feel that someone constantly tells them what they should do. If you behave like this, try to change this habit.

Player Woman

From time to time, it is fun to play games, but if this is long-term, it could negatively affect your relationship. In the beginning, men could be interested for a woman that is not easy to win, but after a while, they just want a woman who does not play games and who is down to earth.

Father Figure Woman

According to experts, this type of women date elder and powerful man, as they look for a father figure. In the beginning, such men would be flattered that younger women date them, but eventually, they will realize that these women need to resolve some issues before they marry.

I Never Eat Woman

The biggest mistake women do these days is not eating because they want to look good. In fact, this is not good behavior and it could lead to long-term consequences.

I Want To Change You Woman

Another mistake that women do is that they want to change their partner and make him fit their wishes and needs. Maybe there is a man who will allow you to change him, but most men find such women unattractive.

Gossip Woman

Usually, this woman tends to gossip a lot and talk about other people’s problems. In the beginning, some man could find this interesting, but after a while, the only thing they will want would be to leave.

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