Amazing Psychological Facts

What do you know about yourself and about others? There are a lot of things that we think we know, but in fact we do not. We believe to know why we are doing things and why others respond or act the way they do. Most of it is not true and we compiled a number of amazing psychological facts for you here: 


Stop Chasing!

You are smart!

What are your problems?

Love others!

Forgive but do not forget!

Don’t hide your feelings!

Always express yourself.

Laugh hard!

Who is it?

Be positive!

Are you a quiet person?

Are you happy?

Whom do you miss?

Here are some extra facts for you that you may enjoy.

1. Your favorite song is likely associated with an emotional event. You and everyone else.

2. Music impacts your perspective. This one seems kind of obvious! A study at the University of Groningen showed that music has a dramatic impact on your perception.

3. The more you spend on others, the happier you are. According to various studies. Be sure to give plenty this holiday season!

4. Spending money on experience instead of stuff also makes you happier. Collect memories not things, right?

5. Kids are more high strung today than the average psych ward patient in 1950.
Which is pretty scary but not surprising. About half the human population now suffers anxiety, depression, or a sort of substance abuse.

6. Certain religious practices lower stress. “The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Mood Disorders” shows that people who engage in meditation and prayer religiously are less stressed out.

7. Money does buy happiness, but only up to $75,000 a year. For the average American, $75k a year buys happiness. It liberates you from poverty and gets you what you need in life.

8. Being with happy people makes you happier. This should come as no surprise.

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