As A Woman Never Do These Things In A Relationship

Are you in a relationship? I am sure you know how difficult relationships can be. Individual traits can help a relationship or they can destroy a relationship. The well being of a relationship also depends on how we treat each other. There are things we say or do that can be detrimental or helpful. Sometimes we want to help and please our partner, but that can be very wrong at times.

Research indicates that women tend to be discussion-oriented and strive to communicate through dialogue. Emotion takes center stage book-ended by multiple choices and over analyzing problems. Men, on the other hand, are more straight to the point, or action-oriented.

Part of being in a relationship includes compromises. Those compromises usually involve doing things for our partner that we would not normally do. What is important for women to remember is that it is alright to take a stand every now and then. Giving in isn’t always the answer no matter how much you love someone.

Here is a list of ten things that women should never do for a man:

Give Up Your Dog

If your lover is allergic they have medications for it. You should never have to give up something you love just to please someone else.


Exercise is great, but don’t starve yourself just to please him.

Have Children

Having kids is a serious commitment that you BOTH have to be on board with for it to work out. Don’t    have kids just to please him if you aren’t ready for them.

Ditch Clothes

Don’t give up your clothes for your man. If they want you to dress a certain way that is their issue, not yours.

Weird Love

Stand your ground if you are totally against something in the bedroom.


Never get your man’s name tattooed on your body. Things can always change.

Give Control

Never let him control everything you do. A relationship is equal.

Foot The Bill

You should not have to support your date every time you go out for dinner.

Dumb Down

Don’t ever pretend to be less intelligent or less capable than you are.

Ditch Friends

Don’t say goodbye to your friends because he is needy. Personal time is important.

Mature relationships require a healthy dose of compromise. As with most things, however, too much of something can actually be a bad thing. Just remember there are certain things you should not have to do to please your man.

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24 Comments on “As A Woman Never Do These Things In A Relationship

  1. If he dont want make-up, God is great bcz he dont put on make-up. so keep slaying and drawing yourself with eyeliner girl…….

  2. This is rather stupid. It is more about how a woman should stand ground, men should too. I thought it was going to be something informative like “dont tell hom how terrible he is” or “dont talk to him about how you wish he would change”.

  3. Tq 4 ur words…it’s inspired me alot n helped too…

  4. Some feminism rubbish again. Most things listed here is stupid.

  5. You are who you are be true to yourself the rest will fallow always remember it takes two to tango 🌈

  6. I completely agree. Just recently out of a mental and controlling relationship. I’ve learnt the hard way over the two years of my life but I’m now working on myself 🙂

  7. Oh my, this has so hit home with me!!! Thank you, have been in a relationship that has just taken the life out of me and always feel like I cant do enough! Everything is his way, I don’t see my grandkids, my dogs, friends…

  8. I had a girlfriend who smokes and does not want to quit smoking when I asked her to because it is something she loves to do. I do not smoke and I hate the smell of tobacco smoke lingering inside the car and on the curtains at home. We parted ways because of this issue.

  9. Relationship and love is a two way thing , we are all humans and have emotions, feelings, brain,intelligent etc. Men should treat women the way they want to be treated. No body is an animal. Love is not a crime so don’t punish does that love you. I fully support this article.

  10. Thank you for your the true advices i share this to my Womens group…so that they would know what sides they are standing….

  11. My mother told me if you really want a special guy go on 7 day vacation together . See if you both get along this test will prove how you both treat each other . Then you will know how your future will turn out . Be open and honest .

  12. This is very true,and so important, thanks for your message

  13. You will think this is crazy but some of it I disagree with, I am happy to have gotten out of a relationship where the girl I dated dressed like a street walker most of the time, I am serious, Titties all hanging out little bit of the Ass cheeks always out, Camel Toe always showing, I tried to explain to her that it wan’t what Normal woman wear, Today I am very happy with a conservative (when I met her she dress conservatively) woman whom knows not only how to dress like a mature woman but how to act decently in public. So to put it publicly if your Mom didn’t tell you it isn’t normal hopefully a decent hard working man will let you know. The 3 day vacations with friends all dressed the same kind of kept me wondering if she wasn’t just out for a fuck feast at the beach while I worked. I know I will hear negativity about being insecure, but I had plenty of woman already to start dating the moment she packed her goods and was gone. It took a few months to find another woman with some decent values that I could ask to move in with me.I am definitely not afraid of being along, I just don’t want to be played and a woman advertising her wares seems to me like she is wanting to play on her man so think about it ladies, I am sure there are alot of fine righteous ladies that through it all out there that want a decent guy and can’t understand why one wont come around.

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