How To Be The Best Kisser Ever? 10 Kissing Tips For Girls

Right from our very first kiss, we have to learn the art of good kissing ourselves and, as men rarely give you any feedback on your kissing technique, it’s almost impossible to know if you are driving man wild or leaving him cold. The only clue you will probably get is if he doesn’t come back for more.

It’s also a fact that men don’t enjoy kissing as much as women do and they see it as only a necessary precursor to what is to come. So, if you want to make your man want the kissing to last longer, read these ten tips on how to be the best kisser ever.

1. Keep Your Lips Kissable

Bad breath and dry, chapped lips aren’t very appealing at all, so take good care of your lips and keep them soft and kissable at all times. Exfoliate and moisturise your lips regularly and that will keep them soft and hydrated; also, clean your teeth twice a day and use a mouthwash to keep your breath fresh. Keep a pack of mints handy too, to freshen up after eating a strongly flavored meal.

2. Slowly Does It

Don’t rush kissing; it should be a gentle, intimate moment for both of you to enjoy. Take your time and enjoy everything about it; the closeness of your partner, the love that you share and the passion of the moment. Don’t let him rush you either; he will enjoy the kissing more, if he gives you a chance to make it longer.

3. Try A Little Teasing

Another tip on how to be the best kisser is to try and keep kissing interesting and use a little teasing. You can make things last longer and leave him longing for more, if in the middle of a kiss you pull back slightly and look deep into his eyes. Tease him by leaving your lips just within kissing distance, and stroke his hair or his face, gently. He’ll soon pull you back for more.

4. Kiss In Private

Neither of you will feel totally relaxed kissing in a public place, so choose your moments for kissing carefully and make it a private moment. Apart from anything else, it can be really embarrassing for other people if you get carried away and the kiss becomes a really passionate one. The real magic happens when you are alone.

5. Don’t Forget To Use Your Hands

Next tip on how to be the best kisser is to remember to use your hands while kissing. Don’t leave your hands hanging limply at your side, that’s going to be a sure turnoff for him. Move your hands around his body, slowly and gently, and stroke his face, run your fingers through his hair or hold him tightly to you. Keep your hands on the move and it will make it a much more pleasurable experience for your partner.

6. Kiss Him In Other Places Too

There’s more to good kissing than just planting on his lips. Don’t forget to kiss his face too, his neck and his shoulders. Every person has their own favorite place to be kissed, so experiment and gauge your partner’s reaction until you find where his hot spots are. Try kissing his jawline. For some reason, a lot of guys really like that.

7. Take Him By Surprise

Another good tip on how to be the best kisser is to take your man by surprise occasionally. He’ll love it, if he was only expecting a gentle peck on the cheek and gets a big passionate kiss instead. Varying the tempo and taking him by surprise will make kissing even more exciting and enjoyable for both of you. Even kissing can become boring, if it’s always the same, so vary your techniques and keep things interesting.

8. Let Him Know What Is Good For You

Don’t forget that men aren’t issued with kissing manuals at school either, so you will have to let him know what works for you and what does not. If your partner knows that what he is doing is working, then it will be a big turn in for him too. Be gentle with him when he gets it wrong though, you don’t want to instantly deflate him!

9. Whisper In His Ear And Breathe On His Skin

Next great tip on how to be the best kisser is to occasionally whisper in his ear and breathe on his skin. Whispering sweet nothings into his ear will make the moment even more special for him and breathing gently on his skin will get him going too. A brief break from the kissing to tell him you love him or, how much you want him, is guaranteed to keep the passion in his kiss.

10. Know When It Is Time To Stop

The art of kissing is not only about knowing when to kiss, how to kiss and where to kiss, it’s also knowing when to stop. Even if you feel like you want to keep on kissing forever, he can get too much of a good thing! The best kisses are the ones that break off, right at the peak of the kiss, and leave him wanting for some more.

Hopefully you enjoyed this and become a better kisser after reading this. Please drop us a comment here or on our Facebook page and let us know.

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  1. thanks, the article is a great help to me and my partner

  2. Great advice but I would not say these tips are for kissing the face they are actually great blow job techniques/tips!!

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