How To Tell If Your Eggs Are Fresh (Simple Trick)

The grocery that we always have in the fridge is a salvation for a quick breakfast, base in almost every pie and a great inspiration for small Easter art frames. Yet there are doubts on how many eggs per week we can eat, because scientists have divided opinions about their good and harmful effects on the body.

How To recognize If The Egg Is Fresh
There is a little trick that helps here, and you need only 3 seconds for it, which will save the egg from throwing or your digestion of unwanted problems.

The egg is one of the few foods whose age and validity are the most difficult to recognize because its content and appearance remain unchanged even after the expiration date. In order to determine its freshness conduct this very simple test. For it, you will need only a few seconds of your time, a transparent glass deep bowl and plain water.

Fill half of the bowl with water and dive in the eggs. The indicator of how fresh the eggs are:
1. The fresh egg. The egg is the freshest when, as soon as you put it in a bowl it sinks to the bottom and stays there without moving.

2. One week old egg. If the egg is seven days old, when you put it in a bowl of water it should remain glued to the bottom of the bowl, but not the entire surface, one end slightly lifted.

3. Three – weeks – old egg.  Egg, whose shelf life came to a still acceptable three – weeks, when placed in a bowl with water, balances the middle of its weight, slightly raised from the bottom of the bowl.

4. Old egg.  That is totally dangerous for consumption and the expired shelf life of the egg can be revealed if the egg after immersion in the bowl immediately comes up and floats on the surface of the glass.

Now you are able to tell if your eggs are fresh. Do not forget to share with your friends.

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