If You Regularly Wake Up Between 3-5am, It May Actually Be a Sign Of Something Serious

Waking up at a particular time every night could indicate there is something your body is trying to tell you especially if it is between 3am and 5 am. The Chinese Medicine Body Clock claims that there are energy channels in our bodies which flow at different times of the day.

If these channels are disrupted the energy is unable to pass and it starts to accumulate. This accumulation of energy can disturb your sleep. Waking up at a particular time is a sign of weakness in the energy that flows at that moment. This is what it means when you wake up at different times during the night.

Between 9 pm and 11 pm

This is the time most people are trying to fall asleep. If you find it hard to sleep at these hours, it means your body is too stressed. You probably become overwhelmed with negative thoughts or anxiety which become stronger at these times. This is when the immune system is replenished by the energy and if there is a disruption in the energy flow your symptoms may strengthen. Try reciting positive mantras or meditate in order to calm your mind and fall asleep faster.

Between 11 pm and 1 am

This is when the energy that flows to your gall bladder is activated. Disruption in this energy flow indicates that you are too judgmental with yourself or with other people. If you were disappointed by someone you love you will probably wake up at this time. On the physical side, the gall bladder is the organ that breaks down fats so you might need to reduce your fat intake or switch to healthier oils. Practice acceptance and forgiveness towards you as well as towards others.

Between 1 am to 3 am

The meridian that serves the liver activates during this time. The liver is an essential organ that performs various vital functions such as providing hormonal balance, regulating digestion and removing toxins. The liver also suffers if you are too stressed and it can trigger anxiety, rage, anger and guilt.  If this is the case with you, you should try to take control over the situation and keep in touch with your emotions.

Between 3 am and 5 am

The energy that flows to the lungs becomes strongest at this time. Even though we never stop breathing, this is when our lungs get an energy boost for the following day. Waking up during these hours means you need to relax and go into the direction life is pushing you to. The lungs are also where we process sadness and grief and strong emotions can cause you to wake up. Stop trying too hard to control everything. Practice deep breathing in order to relax.

Between 5 am and 7 am

Your large intestine is supplied with energy at this time and waking up at this time means you need to loosen up. The large intestine cleans the body from toxins which is why it could indicate problems in this organ if you wake up during this period. Another reason could be emotional blockage or when you feel guilty about something.
Practice mantras to relax you and you can also try cleansing your body.

The Chinese Medicine Body Clock has provided us with guides on how to read the messages our body is sending us. Never ignore these signs because they can help you get in touch with your inner self and resolve any problem you have.

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