Never Use Piercings On These Body Parts

Piercings are becoming an increasingly popular way to express yourself, decorate your body, and show that you can be a little bit rebellious. However, the types of piercings that people get have changed dramatically over the years. While nose piercings and even ear piercings used to be considered risqué, the focus has shifted to oral piercings.

The Growing Popularity of Tongue and Lip Piercings
A surprising amount of young adults have tongue or lip piercings. A recent study indicates that over 20% of surveyed adults have either or both piercings. Even more have considered this procedure.Why are tongue and lip piercings so popular? Theories vary.  They may simply be popular because they were once considered bold and suggestive.

Even though more than one-fifth of adults now sport these piercings. Some people may choose this piercing simply because of the variety of jewelry available.

Why These Piercings Can Be Dangerous
In light of how many people have tongue and lip piercings, many experts are coming forward to warn against this procedure.One risk you take with an oral piercing is damage to your teeth. Many people who have tongue piercings report running their piercing along the back of their teeth, just like people with any other piercing often have trouble leaving their piercings alone.

However, metal or plastic running along your teeth can wear away your enamel and even much of your tooth tissue .Dentists have reported an increase in gum erosion and tooth erosion amongst people with tongue piercings. This can be an extremely expensive problem to fix, and in some cases, the damage cannot be repaired.

Lip piercings may have the same effect, although they tend to affect your front teeth and the front of your gums.Because of the moist environment in which these piercings live, healing can take considerably longer than it does for other piercings. This puts you at increased risk for ongoing bleeding, swelling, or even infection.

It can be difficult to keep these piercings clean during the healing period.You may suffer even more serious side effects if you are unlucky. Some pierced individuals have reported speech impediments after getting tongue piercings, due to the way in which the piercing hits the roof of your mouth during speech.

Because there are so many nerves in your mouth, an improperly done piercing may cause permanent nerve damage.

Are Lip and Tongue Piercings Worth It?
If you understand these risks and still want a lip or tongue piercing, you have to decide if the possible dangers are worth it to you. Though this can be a risky procedure, some people think that the allure of a piercing outweighs the risk of side effects.If you opt to get a lip or tongue piercing, protect yourself by getting regular dental checkups.

Doing so can help you catch any erosion at its early stages and take steps to reverse it. Body modification is growing in popularity, but before you go under the needle, make sure you are aware of the risks and how to protect yourself.

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