People Judge You Based On These 5 Small Things

Did you ever wonder what people think about when they see you? If you are like 99% of all other women on this earth, than you do. People are always judging and they are judging you. What they think about you is based on just 5 small traits:

1. Your Clothing Color Choice.

According to Psychology Today, the color of clothes you wear says more about who you are than many other superficial features. People who choose darker, earth tones, blacks or grays tend to be more sensitive and artistic. People who wear red tend to be perceived as lively people.

2. Nail Biting.

Some body focused behaviors, like nail biting, can indicate to people that you’re impatient, frustrated, or that you react ti certain situations with anxiety or boredom.

3. The Shoes You Wear.

It may sound a little catty, but some psychologists think you can judge a person by their shoes. Examining the cost, style, color and condition of a shoe can tell you much about someone’s income, political affiliation, gender, and possibly even age.

4. Your Handshake.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but your handshake can exude confidence or weakness. You can also determine a lot about how introverted or extroverted a person is based on the strength of their handshakes.

5. Your Handwriting.

According to one study, people with small, meticulous handwriting come off as shy, where as people with larger, sloppier handwriting appear more outgoing. They also found people who were careful about how their writing appeared and wrote slowly were more empathic and sensitive.

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