Strict Mothers Have Better Children (New Research Says)

Were your parents strict with you while you were growing up? Did they order you to clean your room, do your homework and focus on your future every day? Many of us have grown in families with strict mothers who made our life a living hell at times.

The constant nagging and trying to stay on top of you was surely difficult to bear, but according to one expert, strict mothers usually have more successful children. So, even if it was hell back then, you’ll end up thanking your mother for the way she treated you.

Erica Rascon, a professor from the University of Essex has conducted a study which showed that strict mothers have successful children, and that successful people had highly demanding mothers. The research analyzed surveys of more than 15 000 children aged 13-14 between 2004 and 2010. According to Rascon, “the measure of the expectations in this study reflects a combination of aspirations and beliefs about the likelihood of access to higher education declared by the majority of parents, in most cases the mother.”

The children whose mothers had high expectations are much more confident and secure. The results of the study showed that daughters who had persistent and nagging mothers have 4% lower chances of getting pregnant prematurely. Children who had persistent mothers were also more likely to finish college and get a nice job. It may sound unrealistic, but demanding and strict mothers do have more successful children.

“In many cases we have success doing what they believe to be most convenient for us, even against our parents. “But no matter how much we esmeremos to avoid our parents, any recommendations form influence, albeit subtly in the decisions we make, but we believe that they are extremely personal”, says Rascon.

Most children consider strict mothers their true enemy while growing up, but we assure you that putting up with it will help you later in life. She may make your life a living hell sometimes, but you will end up thanking your mother when you’re an adult. You will recognize and appreciate all the effort she gave to raise you right, and you will try adopting the same approach for your children.


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  1. I believe that strict mother’s have better kids. I am an example of it.

  2. I had a consistently strict mother who always demanded more of us, wanting us to reach our full potential. I am consistently thanking my mum, as an adult for her authoritative style of parenting. Myself and my sibblings hv all achieved successful careers and i work to parent in the same manner as my mother, so my children are provided with the opportunities to play actice the realistic expectations of life.

  3. Absolutely… my wife was strict with our son and today he is a doctor.

  4. I had a strict parents but I’m happy that they are very strict to mebefore because with out them I’m not a strong person ..they teach me how to be independent they also kept telling me that education is the key to succes

  5. I also believe that, my mom always nagging me everyday doing household chores,go home straight as my classes end,, i dont even had times with my friends.,attending mass every sunday etc.i can say that my mom is my enemy but i could say, with all her ways to discipline us together with my siblings were all succesfull and finished a degree, today i am also strict to my kids coz i learned it all from my mom. I want my children to be like me and what i am now.

  6. I am also agree with this article. Coz I think it is due to my mamma n papa’s strictness, I could learn so many things well including cooking, being social,helping. And I m trying to be the same with my child.
    But I think now-a-days, parents are strict but not in a proper way. E.g. harassing n beating means not being strict. Now-a-days parents are either too strict or not a bit also
    View should be changed

  7. If you measure success by these criteria, then possibly, if you force your kids down a certain path then they will have fewer options open to them and so be more likely to follow that path. If you leave the options open they will likely follow their own path, and be happier for it.

  8. strict and nagging parents nurture a good discipline, resiliency and independency of the children. Traits that are essential to be a successful person. I relate to this well.

  9. Yes, she was strict and she was the best.always followed the rules,but never pressurised or forced me for anything.

  10. I had a strict mother. But sometimes it makes you lose out on so many things in life. You don’t enjoy your childhood and just get married to get away from the over disciplinary mother. You become a rebel and make wrong choices. Yeah of course it taught us to be independent though.

  11. Absolutely mother was pretty strict with me and today whatever I have achieved is because of her.

  12. It’s true for me. My Mom was strict, nagged me everyday about my responsibilities to do my chores, my homework, my study etc etc…I can’t thank her enough as I am having my own children now, living away from her and I have the ability to do all my tasks as mother and wife independently, I am reliable and strong person because of her. She also taught me to enjoy my life responsibly and being happy person.

  13. Very very true… Strict mother creates a sucessful wife and mother in future who is systematic aswellas disciplined

  14. very true my name is Judah many times in my life my mom has screamed at me a lot i used to get angry but the truth of life is that it is all for our good thats why till today i thank my mother for that .because she is strict i like her, cause i know for a person like me that attitude is 100% needed some times when she crosses the limits i get angry ,but i still calm myself down and know that it is for my good

  15. I am a strict mom my son dont like it but he is a wonderful young man, he have so going on rite now in his life with school and a job he loves. he 17years old and understand my rules and he dose not break any.

  16. When I was young my prayer was if am coming back to this world l will not come through her but today my prayer was the reverse

  17. We need more strict parents today yes my mother was strict. I turned out just fine

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