Stupid Wife And The Cheating Husband

Dear ladies, please think before you act. I know that catching your cheating husband in the act may cause you to respond irrationally, but there is always that moment to catch yourself. He does deserve a bashing, without a doubt. Enjoy this story and share with all of your friends.

A wife comes home late one night and quietly opens the door to her bedroom. From under the blanket, she sees four legs instead of just her husband’s two legs. She immediately goes and gets the baseball bat and starts pounding the blanket as hard as she can.

Once she is done, she goes to the kitchen to have a drink. As she enters, she sees her husband sitting as the kitchen table reading a magazine. He says: “Hi darling, your parents came to visit and after the very long drive they were very tired. I offered them our bedroom. Make sure you go upstairs and say hello.”

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4 Comments on “Stupid Wife And The Cheating Husband

  1. I am act so fast neh wht is her rect after husband tell her tht ws her parents knw

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