The Amazing Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

Many people tend to shy away from the concept of sleeping naked because it is seen as a perverse activity. However, instead of laughing away the idea of going to bed naked, you will be surprised to know that sleeping in the nude actually has amazing health benefits that could improve the quality of your life. Here’s why you should consider ditching your nightie and pajamas and instead get into the habit of sleeping naked (provided you have your own room!):

1. Builds Intimacy With Your Partner

Sleeping naked with your partner could help in strengthening your marriage or relationship. This is because skin-to-skin contact helps in the release of oxytocin. This is a strong hormone or neurotransmitter in the brain that plays a vital role in bonding and the levels usually tend to increase when you’re hugged or kissed by a loved one. Other than this, sleeping in the nude will also help in making you more familiar with your partner’s body and learning about their pleasure points. In fact, a survey conducted in England revealed that 57% people who slept naked with their partners felt happier than usual. Here’s how you can get your partner in the mood by sleeping naked.

2. Helps You Achieve A Positive Body Image

Most of us struggle with achieving a positive body image and accepting our body the way it is. Being bombarded by pictures of models and actors with ‘perfect bodies’ only makes it more difficult. However, sleeping in the nude will gradually help you in accepting all your physical flaws and embracing your body type. This is because when you momentarily look in the mirror every morning, you only tend to notice the parts of your body you have grown to strongly dislike. When you’re naked for several hours on end, you learn to grow comfortable with how your body looks and even start noticing your physical assets for a change.

3. Helps Keep You Cooler           

During summer, most of us struggle with falling asleep due to high temperatures and humidity levels. By going to bed in your night gown or pajamas, you tend to feel warmer than it actually is. Sleeping naked will help in maintaining the ideal body temperature to fall asleep. This will help you in having a deep and sound sleep without having to worry about drastically reducing the temperature of your air conditioner.

4. It Can Help In Keeping Skin Conditions At Bay

After a long day of staying outdoors in your work clothes, your skin barely gets the opportunity to replenish itself from the constant heat and humidity. It is a known fact that while you sleep, your skin finally gets to heal and replenish itself, which is why the term ‘beauty sleep’ is used so often. By sleeping naked, there’s no fabric pressing against your skin that can hinder this process. Your skin gets to breathe and you are at a lower risk of developing skin conditions like folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicles) or premature skin geing.

5. Improves Sperm Quality

A study conducted by American researchers from the University of Standford and the National Health Institute of Child and Human Development in 2015 revealed that wearing tight boxers or underwear during night time can affect one’s sperm quality. Around 500 men were a part of this study and were told to wear underwear of their choice during day and night time. Their sperm quality was then recorded. It was then found that those who wore boxers during the day and slept naked at night had a 25% lower risk of DNA fragmentation in their sperms as compared to those who wore their underwear even after going to bed. This study was presented by the researchers at an annual meeting held by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Baltimore. So if you want to improve your chances of conceiving a child, sleep naked!

6. Helps In Promoting Vaginal Health

Just like your skin, even your vagina needs to breathe during night time for maintaining a healthy pH level and keeping vaginal infections at bay. Vaginal yeast infections are caused by a fungus called C.albicans which thrives in moist and warm places. By sleeping naked, you can keep your lady parts well ventilated and dry and prevent the fungus from breeding and causing any form of irritation. Naked yoga — Does it have any real health benefits?

We hope you enjoyed this article and see the benefits in sleeping naked. Just give it a try and let us know how you feel afterwards and what you think about it.

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  1. I’ve slept nekkid since my early 30’s. Maybe that’s why at 55 I’m told I look 10 years younger.

  2. Very true, i do sleep naked and i like it and feel great every morning .

  3. Well, it doesn´t seem to help the author in mathematics. 🙂

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