The Four Elements of True Love According to Buddhism

Love is so much more than just finding the perfect person to be with. In the Buddhist faith, there are actually 4 elements of love that make up ‘true love.’

These are essential virtues that we should all be holding in order to make sure we are strong enough to be in love with one another. If both people in the relationship value these elements the relationship will be more than worth it. It really is not as hard as you might think to love another person the right way.

The 4 Elements of Love:

1. Maitri
This is happiness and kindness, you should desire to make someone happy and also be able to do it. The way that you love someone should be good enough to make them happy. You should want to be kind to them. By harnessing the ability of Maitri you can look deeply at the person you love and really understand them as human beings. To develop this element spend more time listening to your partner.

2. Karuna
This one means compassion and is the ability to ease the pain of those who are close to you. You are understanding and can help your partner work through his or her suffering. If you want to strengthen this element meditation is important.

3. Mudita
This element essentially means joy. It could easily be the most important. If there is no joy in the relationship then it is clearly not real love. When we are in love one of the things we feel the most is joy.

4. Upeksha
This one means freedom, in a relationship we must allow one another to be free. We should know that it is okay to be our true selves. If you do not feel comfortable in your relationship something needs to change.

Love and life are two of the main focuses in Buddhist teachings. While mainstream TV has changed our views on love a lot the truth is still out there. Sure, a crush is something fun that may develop into something more but love is when we truly understand and appreciate someone to an extent we cannot anyone else.

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