The Fruit That Stops Insomnia and Boosts Brain Work After a Few Minutes

With modern and fast lives, many people have more and more health issues like insomnia. We get pills and other items, but still no results. Here you can learn what the cure is.

Have you heard of quenepa? Do not worry. We also didn’t know but this fruit is amazing and really healthy. It is also known as Spanish lime and is boosting the brain while it stops insomnia.

The Quenepa Fruit
This fruit is exotic and comes from the South Americas but also is found in the dry forests in Central America and Caribbean too. The taste is sour and sweet and people add pinch of salt to this, lime or chilly. Experts say that this fruit is a mix of lychee and lime with firm and delicate flesh and really hard shell.

Americans know this fruit as Spanish lime since it is similar to lime and is yellowish. You can get it in cluster groups. It is soft and like leather, the flesh is jelly like and the aril is colorful with seedy pulp.

Nutrition Info

Vitamin C
Vitamins B1, B3, B6 and B12
Amino acids
Unsaturated fat acids (linoleic and oleic)

Also this fruit has many fibers and this helps in high cholesterol and constipation. It has vitamin A for boosting immunity and prevention of UTIs and stones. There are  minerals like calcium for the teeth and bones, and antioxidants for fighting cancers and free radicals.

Also it has phosphorus for good digestion and balanced hormones, and at the same time it regulates pressure and asthma. Experts say that phenolic items here boost immunity and stop heart issues.

Health Benefit Of Quenepa Fruit
Removal of parasites
Boosted immunity and stopping bacteria
Fights lung and urinary issues
Boosts reproductive health
Treats kidney issues
Treats constipation
Makes more red blood cells, stops anemia
Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides
Stops flu and bronchitis
Cures skin issues
Heals gum issues
Mix roasted quenepa seeds and honey for diarrhea

This exotic fruit also is good for the whole health and try to add it in the daily diet menus. Cure insomnia and many other issues with this fruit.

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