5 Things You Should Always Keep Secret

There are things in life you definitely should keep to yourself. Not everything that you do or that you know has to be shared with others. Please be advised that it is absolutely okay to keep your distance from others and not share everything with them. Especially these 5:

Your Innermost Thoughts
Your personal believes about given topics probably need to stay only in your head. For example, your opinion on religion, gender equality or some other topic that could cause mixed feelings if you bring them up as a topic. You should be aware that your personal opinion and thoughts could turn into an argument especially if the topic can be subjected to different interpretations or if your belief is not objective.

Your Philantrophy
Helping someone who needs the most can change the life of that person and it can also make you a much better person. However, bragging about it or seeking recognition only to gain popularity will never make people appreciate what you have done. Instead, you should help others anonymously and do it only for the person who needs it without using it as a way to gain points in other people’s eyes.

Your Goals
Setting goals in life and working hard to achieve them is probably the best thing you can do. However, telling everyone about your goal when you have not even made the first step can end in a disaster. The first reason is that someone could actually steal your idea. The second, if you fail to achieve your goal you could feel even more disappointed and even embarrassed if you have already told everyone. Instead of wasting time and energy bragging about it, you should spend more time working on your goals and trying to discover whether they have any loopholes that you should fix.

Your Lifestyle
This includes details such as religion, sex life, bad habits etc. It is your lifestyle so keep it to yourself. Unless it directly affects a certain person it should be something only you should know and worry about. Also, expecting someone to appreciate you more because of a certain habit you have is pointless.

Your Family’s Dirty Laundry
Since we already explained about how quiet you should be about your personal life, you should also respect other people’s secrets, especially those of your family members. Discussing the conflicts of your family members to someone else is very disrespectful. You also risk of the person discovering you have discussed them to someone which could end with a fight. What happens in your home should remain in your home and if you have issues the world will keep going round even without knowing them.

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10 Comments on “5 Things You Should Always Keep Secret

  1. Thanks for being so passionate to share such a nice message to all of us,unbelivably it has been so much educative to my life programs in such i could not know these all!! we keep our faith and confidemce in these important life matters!!

  2. I call BS. This must have been written by a millennial snowflake. Abusers would LOVE for you to keep their abuse of their family members quiet.

  3. i have to say keeping your family secrets, i did that for 40 years, although everyone already knew i was being abused, no some secrets should not be kept

  4. Appreciated and I salute you for sharing your concern to us. Thanks

  5. Great, you have really thought me something I never knew about.

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