This Is Your Lucky Month!


You could get exhausted trying to balance desires and doables as the month begins. You may need to re-strategize and work up more practical, achievable targets. Concentrate only on your work, advocates Ganesha. Financially, it looks like an average phase. Do not make any fresh investments here. As the days progress, your personal expenses could increase. Be careful about wasteful expenditure.

By the middle of the month, you will be led in the right direction. You will stride ahead with assurance and take important decisions confidently, informs Ganesha. Profitable times could be ushered in for businessmen and professionals. There is a likelihood of those handling overseas projects coming across a rewarding assignment. Jobholders may have it easy here. You will perform well and complete your tasks on time. The area of concern this month seems to be married life which appears overcast and gloomy. Ganesha suggests you better take time now to be at home. Those with diabetes or blood pressure are advised regular check-ups to remain healthy.


You will be gripped by strong emotions for a good part of the month. There may be an intense desire to gallop towards progress, though. For those in business, work starts picking up from the second week; there are chances that you may even surpass your competitors. End of the month -refrain from undertaking any new development or expansion. Job-holders may find the going tough mid-month, as they may get entrusted with additional responsibility during this phase. There could be some emotional distraction too, as the month draws to a close.

In the third week, you could become heavily involved with charitable work, at the cost of neglecting your own domestic matters. The third week shall be a happening time for young singles and the ones who are unmarried. For those married, the month may start well, but, as the days proceed, stress and strain may take over. Health will need attention at the beginning of the month, especially for those who are diabetic and have problems pertaining to the digestive system. Some light exercises and diet could keep you on track. By and large, a good month, if you let your head rule your heart!


You will need loads of tact and patience to resolve the Business deadlock. Those who are married may also seem to be at loggerheads with their partner. Times are such that relationships in general may become stressful for one reason or another. The second week, could make you tentative and confused about choices. For businessmen, the situation may improve now. Jobholders may come under pressure to improve both speed and efficiency. Singles may enjoy intimate relationships with a colleague here. By mid-month, Good times continue for businessmen.

They could take some more initiatives here with a view to expand business. Those in jobs will receive positive feedback from colleagues which could motivate them to work harder. The stars appear supportive now for earning well. Ensure you optimize this favourable planetary position to augment your financial standing, urges Ganesha. The month ends appears gloomy. You may need to borrow money. There could be difference with your spouse. Keep cool and do not add fuel to the fire. With regards to health, this month appears just about tolerable. Middle aged people, especially those nursing long continuing problems, could need to be extra careful. Those with joint pains will also have a hard time. There is a strong possibility of getting injured on the upper part of the body. Watch your step in the coming days.


No positive push for your progressive moves here. You’ll have to struggle and toil to achieve your goals. Those in business are likely to face stiff competition. Early in the month may also see singles being able to strike a relationship with someone of the opposite sex for physical intimacy, while those in love could dither about marriage. For married folks, the days seem cheerless. During the second week, some unexpected expenses may force you to borrow money for a short term.

But good earning opportunities will soon come your way. You need to plan your financial commitments well. Ganesha advises that you tighten your belt and do not go overboard in spending. Businessmen will be keen to accelerate their pace of growth. Professionals could also benefit here. Mid-month looks encouraging: you should optimize this phase to shore up your finances. Good time for singles to elope with their sweetheart and tie the knot. However, those married may continue to struggle to maintain peace at home. According to Ganesha’s forecast, there seems to be no respite for the moment. As the month draws to a close, matters degenerate to such an extent that you may even feel like breaking the alliance for getting peace of mind. For businessmen too, the relationship with their partner appears strained. Tact may help you tide over problems.


Singles could now dream of finding love and building close friendship. Those already in a steady relationship may be keen to marry and start life together. However, married folks could be disheartened. You could be troubled by one grievance or the other. Ganesha cautions against being high strung and moody as you could hurt sentiments of near ones; one way to calm the nerves is to start the day with wholesome breakfast. Refrain from taking major risks for the moment. There are chances of money coming from sale of some asset lying idle. Park this extra capital safely for the time being as planetary positions do not look favourable for any investment right now, says Ganesha.

Ganesha recommends that business owners and professionals capitalize on this positive planetary alignment to scale up their financial position. Job holders, however, will be unhappy as they do not get adequate support or recognition. At the month end, you could be edgy and easily provoked. There are many advantages of keeping your nerves under control, advises Ganesha, and many disadvantages of being uptight. The struggle for married couples continues here. Those in love may have second thoughts about the relationship. Businessmen are not in for any major gains currently. Health may need your attention this month. Middle aged and above having either low or high blood pressure should go for regular check-ups. Diabetics need to be careful about their food. Stick to the diet prescribed by your physician.


A gloomy fate awaits you in your married life. Your desire to enjoy for bliss appears distant. Financial affairs too may take a beating. Luck seems to be nowhere in sight at the moment. As the second week approaches, Your marriage may go into shambles and panic may take over. Things could come to such a head that you could consider breaking the alliance and looking for options. Ganesha cautions against taking any kind of drastic steps related to marriage and domestic matters. Be calm and focus on other issues like career and finance. Money will be good. However, prospects for career growth do not look so encouraging for now. Refrain from holding grudges against someone who does not see eye to eye with you on critical matters is Ganesha’s advice. Later, old nagging health issues could surface. Job holders may get adversely affected. Professionals may need to get more vigilant about their work. Financially, though, everything appears hunky-dory. No major expense is likely to bother you.


Relief in matters related to finance at the beginning. Now, you can go ahead and take calculated risks to earn more. If you want to quit your job and find something suitable, do so without delay as the heavens offer support. Professionals and businessmen will be keen to explore new territories to boost earnings. Good time for singles to be romantically involved, though marital bliss appears to be elusive for the moment. But if you spend quality time with your spouse and show enough consideration, the situation could improve, assures Ganesha.

In the second week, your indecisiveness could prove to be costly. Those doing business will lose some good opportunity to strike a profitable deal due to slow and unwise judgment. Savings could also dip due indiscriminate spending. Professionals keen for long term project, may not meet with success. Health may need attention here. Even a minor issue could flare up if neglected, cautions Ganesha. The non-cooperative attitude of your business associate may compel you to look for somebody more practical. Troubles continue to haunt married couples. The biggest culprit seems to be ego and self esteem. Evolve a give-and-take relationship to maintain harmony, advises Ganesha. In the last week, you could achieve your targets, provided you are focused, hardworking and persevering. Put your best foot forward and march ahead, urges Ganesha. Singles could be more concerned about their career here. Those married will be grim and gloomy over the weekend.


Your attention is likely to shift from self to family and finance at the beginning of the month. You will push aside your own personal needs to give more importance to home. There could be some problems in the family. Solve them tactfully. You will realize that there is nothing more important than peace at home. An opportunity to earn well could come by here, although you may not be able to take full advantage. But persevere and you’ll progress, reassures Ganesha. In the second week, the planetary alignments bring in love and romance.

Passion and romantic alliances for those who are single. Avoid pressing for physical intimacy here, advises Ganesha; it could lead to misgiving about your integrity. Businessmen and professionals could be disappointed about not being able to clinch a profitable deal. Arrogance and high handedness may be a stumbling block here. Be diplomatic while hobnobbing with valuable customers. While business may look buoyant, family related matters continue to be bothersome. Stay tactful! Unfortunately, even during the month end, there does not seem to be any respite from family pressure. As far as money matters are concerned, be judicious even though no major expenses are expected. You will enjoy good health this month. Those with long continuing complaints will need to be careful.


You will be full of life and eager to move ahead in your field. Singles are likely to meet a teenage crush at a social function. Though, you may not be keen to take the friendship forward and call it quits. Those doing jobs need to bring in greater compatibility with seniors and colleagues in office. In the second week, you will be eager to impress your friends and associates with your extravagance. But even though you may be in a comfortable financial position, you may not be able to save satisfactorily. At home, you may want to look at getting some interior decoration to the delight of family members. Businessmen and professionals could get shortchanged during this phase, so be careful, warns Ganesha. For job holders, a promotion could be in the pipeline.

By the middle of the month, lady luck could be favouring you with her blessings. Businessmen might enjoy the dividends of some investments made earlier now. Your ability to think clearly and act confidently may sharpen. Professionals may need to put their best foot forward to keep their clients in good spirits. Future prospects for job holders look encouraging. Continue to be motivated and meticulous, advises Ganesha. Last week, you will have to put in double the effort to remain constant. Those single may be pressurized by family to finalize a partner suitable for marriage. Choose your life partner and soul mate wisely is Ganesha’s advice; you could then enjoy life as it unfolds. Regarding health, the planetary position spells trouble for those with diabetes. Stick to your diet prescribed by your doctor and you will be fine.


At the beginning of the month, some unexpected expenses could throw your carefully planned budget in disarray. You will need to be watchful financial obligations that could spring up from time to time here. Thus, plan your money matters with long term view, keeping enough provision for emergencies. Those married will work together to save money and will be financially comfortable. However, you could miss some good earning opportunities. According to Ganesha, you need to look at the larger picture sometimes to strike big. Job holders could be uncomfortable with the strained environment in office. Hang in there for the time being. In the second week, you will need to keep your head up and your heart strong, as love could blossom.

Singles are likely to meet their teenage love at a social function.However, exercise a certain degree of restrain advises Ganesha: establish mental connect first, before a physical one. Those married will be uncomfortable. Mid-month, you may have an urge to visit a far away religious place to enjoy some quiet moments. Businessmen are likely to benefit here. Job holders will be content at work and motivated to perform well. The last week does not look upbeat at all. So brace yourself accordingly. Your personal life will be taken over by murmurs of discontent. Financially, too, it will not be smooth going. But do not lose sleep, as this phase will not last long, assures Ganesha. Health could take a downturn in the early days. Some unexpected setback could need immediate attention. Take good care of yourself.


Those with jobs could feel like chucking up everything and trying something different. This is pure wild thinking and Ganesha warns against such rash mood swings. Businessmen will be relaxed; no major ups and downs foreseen. Routine earnings and expenditure will continue comfortably for the first fortnight. Singles will be favoured to enjoy pleasures of life with a member of the opposite sex. Those married will be in a circle of bliss with their spouse. But by mid-month your expectations could grow, and you would like your spouse to be prompt and efficient about everything. Ganesha suggests that you tweak your outlook a bit, and not get so demanding. As the second week commences, you may continue to be uptight and curt. Ganesha cautions against this haughty behaviour; don’t forget that being in control is crucial for cementing long term bonds and relationships.

At work, too, you will not make much headway. By mid-month, those in business could witness a setback. It is wiser to raise your level of compatibility and lower your expectations. Around the third you will cool down and allow you to think rationally. Be careful about financial dealing here. Follow standard practices in monetary transactions. However, by the month end, you could become excessively critical. Instead of launching into a fault-finding mission, try gentle coaxing and inspiration, points out Ganesha. Businessmen will benefit here; however, dues will need to be collected with due caution. Health may require some attention, around the middle of the month. You may be down with fever, due to viral infection. Rest when needed!


You will be all dreamy and romantic in the first fortnight. Passion will rage for singles and they will succeed in sharing tender moments. Those in love may be keen to tie the knot and enjoy physical intimacy to the fullest, without any reservations. But those who are married, the planets do not seem to have charted out anything cheerful. Come down to earth and focus on meaningful work, suggests Ganesha. In the second week, matters of love continue. For those in a steady relationship, there will be pressure from family and close relatives to consider marriage seriously. You need to make your intentions clear, instead of dithering about commitments, says Ganesha. Those in careers will have it easy. Businessmen and professionals, particularly those dealing in overseas trade, will also gain.

Those with recurring acidity should get it checked to avoid complications. In the second fortnight, good opportunity to shore up your finances. For job holders, it will be a week of hard work and rewards. Since you will fulfill your responsibilities satisfactorily, your chances of promotion will start looking brighter. Businessmen, check credentials of outstation customers thoroughly before extending any credit. You could be tempted to exploit some grey area of laws and legislation. Ganesha strictly cautions against any such thought or approach. Instead, you should focus on your work and build your key competence. Married folks need to pay more attention to opinions and sensitivity of their better half. Health is fine this fortnight.

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