What Your Face Tells About Your Personality

Oval Face Shape

The oval shape is portrayed by a wider forehead than the cheekbones, which, on the other hand, are wider than the jaw. In other words, the face tapers down as you look towards the chin, and the cheekbones are prominent.

The person whose face has this shape always knows what to say in a given situation, and can make other people feel at peace, welcome and comfortable. However, they can sometimes be too concentrated on saying the right things. They really do care what others think of them.

Diamond or Triangle Face Shape  

This face shape is also known as the Pear face shape. This face is narrow in the forehead area and wide at the jaw-line. Usually, it is pretty angular and almost bony. It is possibly the rarest face shape.

People who have this face shape usually want to be in charge. The narrower the face is at the top, the more are these people bossy. Also, people with this face shape are thought to be successful.

Round Face Shape

This type of face is almost equally wide and long. Also, it is recognizable by an extensive hairline. The widest parts of the face are the cheeks.

People who have this type of face are communicative, kind and generous. They put others’ needs before theirs, often attracting narcissistic and they often wind up not getting what they want from the relationship. In the end, these people realize that they give too much and that they should not make other people priority.

Square Face Shape

These people have a wider jaw line and hairline. The jaw line, the forehead and the cheeks are almost equally wide. The most prominent characteristic is the bony jaw line in the shape of a square.

People that have this face shape are thought to be pretty intelligent and analytical. Haner says that this type of face shape is characteristic for people who take big projects because of their stamina.

Heart Face Shape  

Haner claims that people who have this face shape, both men and women, have a bit pointy chin. The width of the face narrows towards the chin, meaning that the forehead is broad and prominent.

People who have this face shape have incredible inner strength. If they want to achieve something and if they set a goal, they will pursue it. Their strength is inner, and it should not be mistaken for stamina. These people are pretty intuitive as well, and pretty creative. If they determine to succeed in something, they can be very pushy.

Long Face Shape

This shape means that the face is rather elongated and stretched from the forehead to the chin. Some people with this face shape also have prominent chin.

These people are pretty detail oriented and want to do everything in their own way. Also, the work they finish is of top quality. Preciseness is another of their characteristics, and is especially seen in their words. They can communicate very well. Still, sometimes they can be sharp with the words if you get in their way.

Everyone should know that identifying one’s face shape is not that easy. For example, you probably think that your face is round, because, almost everyone thinks so, right? You should first examine well the shape of your jaw and the widest parts of your face will help you in identifying the shape of your face. Still, try not to be biased into forcing yourself a certain face shape having read this article. The best way to identify your face shape would be asking someone neutral to identify it for you.

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  1. My eyes are talking to you all the time I smile with my heart and see all the gifts life offers me through my eyes I am open loving and share all my humanity .

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