Why You Should Eat 15 Almonds Every Day

Do Almonds Keep The Doctor Away?

There are many healthy foods which people should consume instead of processed food in order to stay healthy. For instance, nuts, seeds and almonds are extremely beneficial since they are abundant in vitamin E, monounsaturated fats, proteins and fibers. The best part is that they make you feel full throughout the whole day and you won’t crave for snacks. However, there is a right daily almond dosage.

According to a clinical study conducted on people who had heart problems, almonds improve the good HDL cholesterol. The patients were given 10 grams of almonds on a daily basis.

Besides being able to improve HDL cholesterol, almonds also have the ability to lower the triglycerides as well as LDL cholesterol levels. Moreover, the atherogenic index decreased as well which is a good thing because this index is actually connected to certain vascular issues and inflammation.

The Benefits Of 15 Almonds Daily Are:

Safe Cells With Vitamin E
Almonds are also a rich source of vitamin E which is an excellent antioxidant which keeps cells safe from oxidative stress in cell membranes. The consumption of almonds on a regular basis will keep us safe from heart issues, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

For Diabetes
Almonds are abundant in healthy fats, a bit of carbs, protein and fiber as well which is the ideal combination for people suffering from diabetes. Moreover, the consumption of almonds will provide you with magnesium which is crucial for more than 300 body functions like control of blood sugars.

Due to their high amount of antioxidants which a crucial to fight free radicals as well as oxidative stress, they can prevent heart issues and cancer.

For Hypertension
The consumption of almonds will also help you prevent strokes, heart attacks and kidney damage since they are a rich source of magnesium.

As you can realize on your own, the consumption of 15 almonds on a daily basis is extremely beneficial for your overall health, but make sure not to increase the dosage since you will incorporate more fat in your organism.

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